Save Time with Tool Data Management

Save Time With Tool Data Management

Are you lacking a transparent overview? Are you spending all your time searching for tools? Are your tooling costs getting out of hand? Then it’s time for TDM. The Tool Data Management solutions from TDM Systems not only help you save resources, time, and money, but also put your best foot forward!

In this blog you will learn some tips that will help save time with Tool Data Management Software using the Tool Crib Module.


For each item you need:

  1. ID
  2. Name
  3. Description

ID: can be some numeric, letter or combined system. It will be unique number that can be also used with purchasing, SAP ect.  I have it as 10 digit number: 0100000001 .

NAME: will be detailed description of your tool where you begin with type, than diameter …ect.

                 Example: Drill _D=16.0_CL=59_DS=16.0_carb

If you are consistent in naming your tools, you will find them much easier:

Drill _D=15.0_CL=61_DS=16.0_carb
Drill _D=16.0_CL=59_DS=16.0_carb
Drill _D=17.0_CL=68_DS=18.0_carb
Drill _D=17.5_CL=67_DS=18.0_carb
Drill _D=18.0_CL=66_DS=18.0_carb
Drill _D=19.0_CL=73_DS=20.0_carb

DESCRIPTION: here you can add a manufacturer or vendor number like:

             SA****K_CNMG 16 06 04-QM_4215

In the Tool Crib Module you can create a STOCK LOCATION of each item so you know right away where they are! With the added stock count, you also know how many NEW or USED tools you have in each location.

SEARCHING: In the ITEM module search window, type in the word DRILL, for example, and only drills will pop up. By adding a diameter (D=08.0) it will show only 8mm drills. Here you can choose the best one for the job.

When you have your item, there is a button to search for an assembly. If there is one, TDM will give you lists of all the assemblies for that drill. You can pick one that works for you. If there is no assembly, you can create new one.

Now, the OPERATOR or TOOL CRIB PERSONNEL won’t need to spend a lot of time deciding what drill to use or anything in between. Everything is in the Bill of Materials (BOM).

These items are tested in CAM simulation, so everything should be fine. By having a Stock Location of each item, everything moves quickly!

In the next blog, I will show you how to save even more time with the Shop Floor Management Module. Until then, let this information sink in!

Post by Ivan Heller

Hello, My name is Ivan. I'm a Training and Support Lead at Swoosh Technologies with expertise in TDM Systems, NX CAD & Solid Edge. I strive to make the lives of others easier and enjoy exploring the bigger purpose in this role. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with family, creating music, traveling, and hiking.

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