NX University Fall 2022

NX University Fall 2022


Hosted by Swoosh Technologies, NX University 2022 was a half day well spent on learning and further leveraging Siemens NX CAD and NX CAM. This event covered topics such as the latest features in NX, hacks to save time, and so much more.

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  1. Welcome & General Session
  2. What’s New in NX CAD – Series NX2007 & NX2206
  3. What’s New in NX CAM – Series NX2007 & NX2206
  4. MBD & PMI
  5. NX CAM Post Configuration
  6. Hidden Gems in NX CAD
  7. Hidden Gems in NX CAM
  8. NX Drafting
  9. Milling and Machining
  10. NX CAM Documentation
  11. Staged Modeling

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