Solid Edge University 2022

Solid Edge University 2022

11 sessions • John Norris, Manny Marquez, Collin Kopecky, Sam Estrada Ilya Nazarenko

Rewatch our virtual gathering of Solid Edge enthusiasts for a half day of free sessions that will get your juices flowing!

This year for Solid Edge University, we are showcasing Swoosh and Siemens experts for a half day of free workshops designed for Solid Edge users. With access to new tools and tips to increase productivity, you’ll learn some of the best skills. 🎓🍎✨

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  1. Welcome to SEU
  2. What’s New in Solid Edge 2022
  3. Solid Edge Hidden Gems
  4. Simulation
  5. Simulation Hidden Gems
  6. Electrical Design
  7. What’s New in Electrical Design
  8. Solid Edge CAM Pro
  9. Solid Edge CAM Pro Hidden Gems
  10. Teamcenter + PDM
  11. Closing + Resources

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