Global Shaping in NX

NX CAD Tutorial: Global Shaping

In this tutorial, learn how to do NX Global Shaping. Use the Global Shaping command to deform a surface region using a combination of geometry and values, the relationship of two curves, or the relationship of two surfaces.

Global Shaping

What is Global Shaping Anyway?

Global Shaping lets you deform a surface in a predictable manner, with full associativity. You can use it to alter existing surfaces while preserving their aesthetic properties. With Global Shaping, you can also use it to modify surfaces to account for the effects of springback during metal forming.

There are various options to control your shape.

  • To point
  • To curves
  • Open region
  • Wall deformation
  • Over bend
  • Match sheets
  • Stretch to curve
  • Stretch to point
  • Radius reduction
  • By surface
  • By curves

How-To: Global Shaping

In this NX Global Shaping example, I would like to take the planer model and give it some curvature. I will be starting off with a solid model using traditional design techniques. If you are working with a supplier part, then it could be a step file.

  1. Create a curve by either sketch or using arc/circle.
  1. Now select Global Shaping from the Surface tab. Then select More in the Edit group.

If you don’t see the Edit group, you may need to change your roll to Advanced. That can be found in the Content dropdown menu under Roles.

More Shape
  1. With the Global Shaping dialog box open, select the button to reset the dialog.
Reset Button
  1. Expand the dropdown menu to select By Curve.
NX Global Shaping Curves

Working down through the menu, you will want to satisfy any red asterias.

  1. Choose the faces or facet body.
  1. The base curve will be on the side edge. Pay attention to the scene selection bar for the Single Curve option.
Single Curve NX
  1. In the Control Curve dropdown, select the select curve so that it is highlighted.
NX Global Shaping
  1. Now, select the arc and make sure “Keep Base Length” is toggled.
Keep Based Length
  1. Lastly, select OK to finish. Now, you will have a globally shaped piece within NX.

Can You Use This Global Shaping Tool?

Keep in mind, Global Shaping is part of a Siemens advanced freeform bundle “NX freeform 2.” This bundle is included the following Mach bundles as well as the Cool Shape bundle:

  • Mach 3 Production Design NX93100
  • Mach 3 industrial design NX93300
  • Mach 3 additive design with convergent NX93110
  • Mach 3 Mold Design NX93110
  • Mach 3 Progressive Die Design NX93210
  • NX cool shape design bundle NX92300
If you are interested in seeing a visual representation of this in action, watch the brief video walkthrough of this exact demo.

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