How to Create a 3D Simcenter Report Template

How to Create a Simcenter 3D Report Template

Have you ever been interested in learning how to create a Simcenter 3D Report Template, but simply didn’t know where to start? It is no secret that Simcenter 3D can help your company gain better insight to your products’ overall performance, all achieved through fully integrated post-processing. With our team’s expertise, it is our goal to help you learn the ins and outs of your programs.

While creating a Simcenter 3D report template, the process includes opening an existing template, simplifying it, and adding keywords to develop images ​of all the groups within the part. Keep in mind that the keywords in a template define the content, layout, and style of a published report.

Report Command Manager
Siemens NX Report

Before we begin breaking down the process of creating a 3D Simcenter Report Template, let’s look at an example. The RW_ReportTitle keyword requests that a user should enter a title for the report. The user does this through the simulation navigator when they select to create the report.

Simulation Navigtor
Simlation Navigator Siemens NX

When the user publishes the Simcenter report, the title will appear in the style and layout shown within the template.

Report Title Siemens NX

The key word corresponds to commands in the libraries of the Report Command Manager, as you can see for the “RW_Report Title.”These commands define the actions, the arguments, and the text that appears in the Simulation Navigator.

Report Commands Manager

How to Create a Template

  1. To start creating a 3D Simcenter report template, click on Menu, then Tools, and click on the Report Command Manager to see the commands available.
Report Command Manager Tools
  1. The Libraries defined in the Report Command Manager will then appear.

The Default library contains the commands that Siemens provides, which you cannot change. ​That being said, you can export and import them into another library, such as the User library. This will allow you to edit them and create your own.

NX Report Command Manager Library
Siemens NX Default Library

This example uses the commands in the Default Library as they are.

Default Library NX

The commands in the library appear with their arguments and the path to any associated NX Open programs. The NX Open programs perform operations, such as capturing images.

Default Library NX Open Programs
  1. Hover over the command of choice, and a description will appear.
NX Command Manager
  1. To see what each command does, click on the icon below to generate a manual of descriptions and arguments.
Siemens NX Report Command Manager Icon

The first section of the command manual lists the commands and their arguments.

Siemens Commands and Arguments

The second section provides descriptions of every command within the library. Now that all the commands are available, you can create a template in Microsoft Word.

NX Template
  1. As a start, use a copy of a default template, with basic and formal layout that the published report inherits.​ If desired, you may change the format, including replacing the Siemens logo, however this example only simplifies the template and adds a keyword.
Technical Report NX

This template contains many keywords. The keywords are incorporated into text and tables.

Siemens NX Appendix
  1. At the end, an appendix allows users to enter optional text and images to enhance the report. The optional items are called User Items. Users can add optional items through the Simulation Navigator.
NX Appendix

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