Teamcenter for SolidWorks

Teamcenter for SolidWorks

I asked my manager, “So how did they make parts back in the day?” He responded with, “Good ol’ pen and paper.”

This is why Teamcenter for SolidWorks is a great solution.

It’s incredible how far we have come with computer-aided software and the growth of design engineers creating almost anything on these platforms. Everything –  from the smallest detail of a ball bearing to the testing of the aerodynamics of the car’s smooth outer finish –  was created within digital software. Just thinking about how the Wright Brothers constructed and made the first plane by drawing it on paper, I can’t help but marvel at how much of a miracle that feat in history is.


Eraser Please!?

Can you imagine the headache the Wright Brothers faced in those early days? Just think about the amount of paper used while drawing countless prototypes and the smallest details of their aircraft.  If a drawing error was to occur, there was no such thing as accessing a digital part file to make a quick revision. Instead, the entire drawing would need to be scrapped and redrawn to revise the error. Either that or they used one heck of an eraser!

Today, design and manufacturing engineers can leverage advanced CAD/CAM software to design and build parts and products that help shape our future. Although advancements are continuously being made, there is still mundane manual tasks that an engineer must deal with. One of those tasks is the ability to track every revision, part file, and BOM simultaneously.

Teamcenter for SolidWorks

Time for Liftoff

Studies have shown that some engineers will use an entire work day to track important data instead of actually working on the part itself. The time spent changing, viewing, and revising the latest file leaves engineers with no time for the most important task of all: completing the design process.

Whether you are a Siemens NX, Autodesk, or SolidWorks user, you still have to deal with the agitation and delay of tracking important pieces of information, which slows down the design process tremendously . For instance, a change order can become an engineer’s worst nightmare if the file must be a document-based template that can’t be managed within SolidWorks. With all the headache that is presented with managing data, those erasers they used aren’t looking so bad after all.


Plane Liftoff

You Don’t Need Wings to Fly. Give Teamcenter for SolidWorks a Try!


Over the years, it has become obvious that data management within the SolidWorks platform can become a hindrance to the designer. Not only do these issues take away from the passionate work of an engineer, but the overall speed of their work also takes longer than it should. This is why Siemens developed a great solution.


Teamcenter has become the premier data management solution within the PDM industry. SolidWorks users are beginning to apply Teamcenter to their environment, and within weeks, they are reaping the benefits. Teamcenter for SolidWorks can be described as a single pane of glass that integrates within one another, with the following values:


  • Search results can be used to help filter and access BOM management or other changes that need to be made
  • CAD files and markups are accessible directly within a workflow to speed up the design process
  • All files can be seen and shared simultaneously from user to user


Teamcenter also integrates within every single major MCAD and ECAD system. All of the benefits that come with Teamcenter for SolidWorks create a user-friendly, dynamic interface that engineers enjoy. This interface can handle all file vaulting and revisioning without slowing down the design process from start to shipment. With Teamcenter for SolidWorks, users gain a solution that tackles the impervious demand of data unlike any other PDM out there. As you grow, your team can grow too!


I can only imagine how easy it would have been for the Wilburs to focus on all the obstacles they faced while getting that first plane on the ground, and I’m sure they understood the balance of problem solving and finding solutions. Searching for controllable factors must be established if engineers are able to innovate during the current tech era. Applying a simple digital solution is only a matter of time within the CAD industry. With this, engineers can begin taking designs from the model on the ground to the skies above, all while honoring the major data demands in the process.

Teamcenter Management

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