Adding Part Attributes to an NX Parts List

How to Add Part Attributes to an NX Parts List

Adding part attributes to a NX Parts List isn’t a brand new process, but it is particularly effective for larger assemblies. Although demonstrated in Siemens NX 1899, the process is very similar for older or recent versions. This tutorial will be demonstrated on a simple 6-part assembly and start from within the drawing of the lever assembly.

Creating an NX Parts List

To add a parts list, click parts list in the table group of the home tab.

Table Group in NX CAD

Getting Started with Parts List

  1. In this dialogue the settings can be adjusted such as scope and inclusion of subassemblies. To manually take out a part from the parts list, hold shift and deselect the part will visibly remove the part. The selection of unwanted parts can be in the parts list dialogue or even in the assembly navigator.
Deselecting Part in Parts List

When finished with selecting components to not include (if any), left click to place the location of the part list. Don’t worry it is easily movable! 

  1. Next, right click on the top of the Quantity (QTY) column and select insert columns to the right. 
Quantity Column NX CAD
Quantity Column in NX CAD
  1. Then, right click and select the new column that was just created and enter the settings dialogue. 
Quantity Column Settings Dialogue
  1. In the Parts List > Column tab, select the tag button next to attribute name. 
Parts List
  1. This will allow for selection of any part attribute from the assembly and automatically fill out the column. In this case, a custom attribute is desired, so select cancel. 
Attribute Names

Selecting an Attribute for your NX Parts List

  1. Open the assembly and right click on a component, then, select properties. 
Attribute List NX CAD
  1. Tab over to Attributes and add a category (optional), title, and value. For title enter “Vendor” and for value enter “ Home Depot”.  Make sure to click the green check to apply the newly created attribute. 
Component Property Attributes
  1. Then, head back to the drawing and edit the settings of the empty column.  
Quantity Column Settings NX CAD
Parts List Column Settings
  1. This time, select the newly created attribute. 
Attributes Name
  1. Select OK and the parts list should automatically update to display the new information.
Parts List Attributes
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