How to Wrap Text or Logos to Curved Faces in NX

Wrapping Text or Logos to Curved Faces in NX

Ever find yourself needing to wrap text or a logo to curved faces in NX? This NX CAD tutorial will make you an expert in doing this. Although this example is simple, the feature can be used to wrap 2D information onto cylindrical 3D faces.

How to Wrap Text or Logos to Curved Faces in NX

Creating a Tangent Plane

  1. First step is to create a tangent plane. This will serve as the projected or flattened plane.Create a Tangent Plane in NX
  2. Select the face of the cylinder. Then, select OK.

    Cylinder for Creating Curved Surface in NX
    Note: It does not matter what side of the cylinder is on.


  3. Select Wrap/Unwrap curve by selecting Curve -> Derived -> More -> Wrap/Unwrap curve.Wrap / Unwrap Curve Surfaces in NX
  4. Make sure Unwrap is selected on the dropdown.
  5. For the Curve or Point selection, select the edges of the face to be projected.Select Curve or Point selection
  6. For the face selection, click the main cylindrical face.Select Face in the Wrap/Unwrap Curve Settings
  7. For the Plane selection, select the tangent plane that was recently created. Select OK.Select Tangent Plane in NX

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Post by Dominic Santoro

Dominic's approach with CAD software is influenced by his heavy background in mechanical engineering. With his career beginnings at Eastman Machine to providing his expertise at Calspan to joining the top tech team at Swoosh, he offers fellow NX CAD engineers best practices in 2D design, concept layout, additive manufacturing, and structural design modifications.

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