NX University Spring 2021

March 23, 2021


NX CAD, NX CAM, Rewind


NX University Spring 2021

Hosted by Swoosh Technologies, NX University 2021 was a full day well spent on learning and further leveraging Siemens NX CAD and NX CAM. The 10-session NX user group event covered a multitude of hidden gems and current/future updates of the latest NX version release.

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  1. NX CAD Track: What’s New in NX Design
  2. NX CAD Track: Hidden Gems in NX CAD
  3. NX CAD Track: Key CAD Takeaways from the Classroom
  4. NX CAD Track: New NX Sketcher v. Old Sketcher
  5. NX CAM Track: What’s New and Upcoming in NX CAM
  6. NX CAM Track: Hidden Gems in NX CAM
  7. NX CAM Track: In Process Workpiece
  8. NX CAM Track: Post Configuration v Post Builder
  9. Special Topics: NX Here, There and Everywhere
  10. Special Topics: Design Simulation in NX

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