Using WAVE Geometry Linker

Using WAVE Geometry Linker

WAVE Geometry linker allows the designer to reference existing part geometry when designing a new part in existing assemblies. This example will insert a small spacer into the existing level assembly.

  1. First, select New Component, in the base group of the assemblies table and create a new part within the existing assembly.

  1. Next, we will edit the newly created component which currently has no geometry in it. Right-click the component and select make work part.

  1. Next, select WAVE Geometry Linker from the Interpart Links group of the Assemblies tab.

The WAVE Geometry Linker will allow a variety of geometry, from single points to entire bodies to be linked. For this example, body will be used.

  1. Select the 2 grey mounting brackets of the level assembly and select OK. Take note of the settings as they can be helpful for more complicated assemblies.

  1. Next, open up the spacer component in a new window.

  1. The recently created linked bodies will be shown. Select Extrude, and with the Single Curve rule selected, click the bottom face of one of the linked bodies. This will launch the sketcher on the bottom face of the mount.

  1. Using lines and the Project Curve tool, outline the base of the brackets and the slots are shown.

  1. Select Finish Sketch to move to the extrude command. The curve should be pre-selected but the vector needs to be set in the Z direction. With a start distance of 0, the end distance will determine the thickness of the spacer.

  1. Select OK to complete the extrude.

  1. Now the spacer geometry is successfully related to the linked bodies. The reference set needs to  be adjusted to include just the spacer. Select Reference Sets from Menu > Format > Reference Sets or search using the command finder.

  1. Highlighting the Model reference set so that it is clear that the spacer as well as the 2 linked bodies are all selected. Deselect the linked geometry by holding SHIFT while clicking the bodies that need to be deselected. (Note: this deselection works for all of the features in NX)

  1. Lastly, tab back over to the assembly and right-click on the entire assembly in the assembly navigator to make it the work part again.

  1. The final product is the spacer component as its own part, but referencing the geometry of the mount pieces.


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Dominic's approach with CAD software is influenced by his heavy background in mechanical engineering. With his career beginnings at Eastman Machine to providing his expertise at Calspan to joining the top tech team at Swoosh, he offers fellow NX CAD engineers best practices in 2D design, concept layout, additive manufacturing, and structural design modifications.

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