Export All Components of an Assembly

Export All Components of an Assembly

Working in a support role often requires sharing part files and exporting all components of an assemblies with customers and vice versa. This seemingly simple task can present problems at times. End users of Siemens NX likely must share part files between departments, customers, vendors, etc, and can be faced with the same dilemma.

Of course, if all components of an assembly are contained within one folder there is no problem. But, what if common geometry is being used? This may take the form of various hardware that is not assembly specific or common fixturing used for manufacturing processes. These part files are most likely loaded via the reuse library and stored in common file share so all users may access the data. Fortunately we have an easy approach to obtain copies of all part files within an assembly and zip them into one file for easy sharing.

obtain copies of all part files within an assembly and zip them into one file for easy sharing

Let’s run through an example:

I want to share a script that can be run while you have an assembly open within NX to export all components and zip them in one step. Below you will be able to download NXZIP.vb, a script created for this very purpose. You will want to save the script in a known location to access.

  • First, close all parts in your active session. (This is very important as the script will export any parts that are open in your NX session. Not just the ones within your work part.) Navigate to the tools tab on the resource bar and select play from the Journal group. Now browse to the VB script location within the Journal Manager dialogue and Run it. It is that easy!

VB script location within the Journal Manager dialogue

  • The newly created 7-zip file will now be in folder C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Temp. You can now easily share any assembly you’d like without search for all file locations.


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