Open Forum NX CAD

Open Forum NX CAD

91 minutes • Reese Shearer, Tod Parrella, Taylor Anderson, Shirish More, Gary Lindsay, Mike Senediak, Mike Yoder

Rewatch our conversation with the Siemens developers behind NX CAD, answering your questions about the software.

The event starts with a look forward at what’s coming in the next release of NX CAD. We also looked at how the new naming system can help you better understand the NX updates, and how problem reports and enhancement requests are handled behind the scenes.

Then we got to work answering your questions about NX CAD. From sketching, to Teamcenter, to the newest capabilities, we covered a lot of topics including:

  1. The new sketcher
  2. Suppressing constraints
  3. Active Workspace Client updates
  4. Expression editor
  5. The new measuring command
  6. The new selection scene bar
  7. Token licensing
  8. Help documents

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Post by Reese Shearer

With over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience in the automotive industry with various rules as instructor, mentor and also providing IT support, I consistently strive to work effectively with others and continually exceeded expectations.

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