Open Forum: NX CAM

Open Forum: NX CAM

56 min • John Vincent, Alexander Freund, Lars Okkels, Uwe Edlinger, Sashko Kurciski, Alon Shaham

It’s easier to plan for the future if you know the capabilities in your software and what’s to come in future releases. That’s why we invited the people from Siemens who develop and maintain NX CAM.

We asked them questions you, the user, had about features in NX CAM, what’s with the new naming system, and how they decide which enhancements and improvements make it into the software. Alexander Freund also gave us a sneak peak of the top 3 features that will be added to NX CAM in the December 2020 release. Get a behind-the-software look at the program you use everyday from the source. We covered:

  1. Coming soon: Z-level undercutting
  2. Coming soon: Automated 5-axis deburring
  3. Coming soon: New variant to create tool holder
  4. What’s with the new version names?
  5. IR vs PR vs ER
  6. Radiused endmill deburring
  7. Trochoidal milling
  8. Corner filleting
  9. Tangential barrel mills
  10. Mill planar operations
  11. Tool assembly library
  12. Defeaturing parts
  13. Planar profile operations
  14. Chain select curves
  15. CSE for probing
  16. TCL file in post configurator
  17. Okuma NC simulation
  18. Tangent to and On drive curve selection

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