Full NX University Event

Full NX University Event

This year, Swoosh hosted the first completely virtual edition of NX University. Five of our team of application engineers hosted a full day of 13 sessions and 2 live Q&A’s on the latest features in NX CAD and CAM, hidden gems in the software, and advanced techniques to improve your workflow.

And we recorded them all to re-watch on demand. On the CAM side, John Vincent lead sessions on multi-axis programming and feature based machining, as well as demonstrating new features and enhancements in NX 1899 and NX 1926.

On the CAD side, we looked at assemblies, drafting, and model based definition, as well as the new release.

In the afternoon, we brought our design engineers and manufacturing engineers together for a look at using NX in a managed environment. Reese in California, and John in Milwaukee collaborated on a part in real-time using the Teamcenter software.

We brought back our most popular session from last year, Hidden Gems in NX, where we uncovered some of the most useful and underutilized tools, even for the most experienced user. We also introduced a new session filled with common and essential topics our application engineers get in the training classroom and from the technical support desk.


  1. Welcome to NX University
  2. What’s New in Design
  3. What’s New in Manufacturing
  4. Hidden Gems in NX Design
  5. Hidden Gems in NX Manufacturing
  6. Assemblies
  7. Multi Axis Machining
  8. Drafting
  9. Machine Data Library
  10. Feature Based Machining
  11. Model Based Definition & PMI
  12. Running NX in a Managed Environment from Anywhere
  13. Common Questions from the Classroom

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