How to Display Right Angled Head in Tool Path Verify with NX CAM

Display Right Angled Head for Tool Path Verification

I occasionally receive questions about the use of right-angled heads in NX CAM and tool path verification. If you use these types of heads often, you probably use NX CAM’s NC Simulation module to verify that your tool paths are collision- and gouge-free. But what if you are the occasional user and doesn’t use NC Simulation? I wanted to share a method of using a tool graphic assembly to give you a visual representation of your tool assembly loaded into a right-angled head.

View the Assembly in NX CAM

  1. Use tool libraries to view the tool assembly in Verify Tool Path. First, create a tool and holder and save it your tool libraries. In this case, I use a stubby 6mm drill in a ER16 tool holder.
NX CAM Module
A tool in NX CAM

Adding the Tool to the Library

  1. Once you create the tool, add it to the tool library. This is done in the Library tab → Export Tool to Library. NX will create a Library Reference name or you can create one using your own naming convention.
Export Tool to Library

Exporting the Part File

Next, export a part file of the tool assembly. This is my tool graphic file to which I add the Right-angled head component. You can do this by right clicking on the tool in Machine Tool View of the Operation Navigator → Object → Export Part. Save this part file to the tool library graphic folder. The default location is C:\Program Files\Siemens\NX1926\MACH\resource\library\tool\graphics. The name of this part file must match the Library Reference created previously.

Export Part NX CAM

Adding the Component to the Tool Assembly for Tool Path Verification

The last step before we verify our tool paths with the head visible is to add the head component to our tool assembly. To do so, I open the part file that was exported, add the head component, and constrain it to the tool assembly in the proper orientation. I prefer to create a Wave Linked Body of the head assembly to eliminate the possibility of having to change your assembly load option when using this assembly. Once done, save the part file and we are ready to use the tool graphic file in Verification.

When verifying using this tool, you will need to change your Display Options to “Assembly” instead of the default setting of “Tool.” This will load the graphic file with the head assembly added to it.

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One Comment "How to Display Right Angled Head in Tool Path Verify with NX CAM"

  1. We currently use TDM to load our tools into NX. It looks like this method will not work if the tool library is looking back at TDM. I have tried it and am not getting it to work like above. I am able to export the tool from the machine tool view. Tool opens just fine and am able to add a right angle head like described. One thing I noticed is if you save the part, going back to the original process and changing the tool path animation to assembly, the tool will not display probably because its not looking at the exported part file. Anyway to change that without having to create a tool using the NX tool creator.

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