Lofted Flanges

Rollback Lofted Flange Behavior in Solid Edge 2020 & 2021

Are you running into issues trying to recreate Lofted Flanges in newer versions of Solid Edge? Let’s quickly cover the process of how to disable the “Auto Relief” option in Lofted Flange creation in Solid Edge 2020 & 2021

In the new versions of Solid Edge 2020-2021, an improvement was made to the algorithm used to calculate developed shape of a Lofted Flange. The retired algorithm was creating non-developed solutions – i.e. the 20219 example of the formed part is comprised of “b-surf” and not a plane. In the 2020-2021 versions, with Lofted Flange’s new algorithm (“Auto Relief” option), the formed part is comprised of planar plates and cylindrical bends and helps obtain a valid developed solution.

To obtain the pre-Solid Edge 2020-2021 behavior, users will need to make the following Registry edits. This will require administrator rights, close Solid Edge, and perform any Registry backups before making any changes.

To do so we will need to add the following registry key to toggle the Auto Relief off-

  • Open the Registry – Start menu and type Regedit

  • Navigate to this level:
    1. Solid Edge 2020 – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Siemens\Solid Edge\Version 220\DEBUG
      1. Solid Edge 2021 – HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Siemens\Solid Edge\Version 221\DEBUG
    2. Right Click → New → DWORD

  • Add the following with a Value of “1”.
    • WantOldLoftedFlangeBehavior (DWORD)

  • Open Solid Edge.
  • Create a new loft –
    • Check the Options and you will notice the Auto relief is grayed out.


Now you should have no problem recreating Lofted Flanges in your Solid Edge version. To reverse the change – edit the key’s value from “1” to “0”.


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