NXU Preview: Pattern Enhancements in NX 1899

What’s New in NX Pattern Enhancements

This update on NX pattern enhancements simplifies the pattern creation process and also reduce Pattern update and creation times.

In previous versions, the Simple method of patterning did not support multiple features.  If more than one feature was selected, the pattern would become a Variational Pattern which would then add overhead to the pattern feature due to the complexity of the variational pattern, which would sometimes cause poor update performance.

In NX 1899, Siemens changed Simple pattern to allow for multiple feature inputs in Pattern Feature and removed the other barriers to Simple patterning such as overlapping instances and allowing UDFs and Feature Groups to be patterned with the Simple method.  Support for Symbolic Threads has been added for both Pattern Feature and Pattern Face.

And finally, Pattern Geometry now supports a new Selection Intent method of Body Faces.

Pattern Feature

  • Changed the default pattern method to Simple for improved performance
  • Multi-Feature input for Simple method
  • Support for Symbolic Thread Feature, overlapping instances in Simple method, and Feature Groups in Simple Method

Pattern Face

  • Support for Overlapping Instances and Symbolic Thread with new Copy Threads option

Pattern Geometry

  • New selection intent method for Body Faces


Go Deeper at NX University 2020

Along with NX pattern enhancements, this short snippet is from the “What’s New in NX” session from a previous NX University event where we covered hidden gems in the software, new features added, and best practices to improve your workflow.

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