NX Predict Next Command

NX Predict Next Command

Predict command can be found on the side border bar, this enhancement with “Predict Command” is new to NX Continuous series.

Use Predict Next Command to get the best choice of commands to complete your design, analysis, or manufacturing task. NX collects data of how you use commands, analyzes this data to determine the frequency and sequence of use, and suggests a list of the most appropriate commands for you to use next.

NOTE: NX saves the data about command use in an Intel directory, which is generated by default in the %LOCALAPPDATA%\Siemens\NX<functional release number> folder. Note that <functional release number> is the release number defined by the NX_COMPATIBLE_BASE_RELEASE_VERSION variable.

NX displays the predicted commands in the Predict Commands group on the right Border bar by default. NX displays up to ten commands in the Predict Commands group. If a command in the list does not have an icon associated with it, NX depicts the command with the default button.

While using the shell command on this model the first Command in the Predict commands list is “edit with Rollback”. Moving the mouse over the icons from top to bottom you can see the predicted commands of what can be used next. These commands will change depending on the process you are currently in.

You can also customize the Predict Commands group to show up in a border bar of your choice or as a shortcut toolbar.

Predict Next Command continues to update the list as it learns more about your typical workflow. It also maintains different lists of commands for different applications of NX. When you change the application, the commands that appear in the Predict Commands group changes accordingly.

Hide and Show the Predict Commands group: You can hide the Predict Commands group. To do this, right-click the Predict Commands group and choose Remove from Left Border Bar.

Note: Even when you hide the Predict Commands group, NX continues to learn and build the list in the background. To completely turn off Predict Next Command, clear the Predict Commands within Customer defaults

To find a customer default, choose File tab –> Utilities –> Customer Defaults, and click Find Default. 

You can show the hidden Predict Commands group in NX. To do this, use the Customize dialog box. In the Customize dialog box, on the Commands tab. under the Categories tree list, select the All Groups node. Run a search for Predict Commands. You can then drag the Predict Commands group from the search results to the border bar or group of your choice.

Note: We recommend that you not use the Command Finder to show the hidden Predict Commands group in NX. Command Finder finds only the first command of the Predict Commands group and if you add it to a border bar or group from the Command Finder, it shows only the first command in the Predict Commands group and not the entire list of possible commands.


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  1. Hi
    My version is 1957 and this feature is not available in nx. Should I install version 1847?
    Or how can I add this command to the new version?

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