What’s New NX 1899 Series – Visual Assistant

What’s New NX 1899 Series – Visual Assistant

Visual Assistant works with a command to show you the inputs that are required to complete the test which is associated with that command. You can also see the difference in the features that are created when you use different sets of inputs. Visual Assistant provides multiple scenarios of sample models. You can use these models to interactively visualize the objects and parameters that are required by the command and the feature that is created.

Example: When you use Visual Assistant with the Draft command, in one of the scenarios NX indicates the ideal combination of draw direction, surface for drafting, and the face to consider stationary. When you select one of the these on the sample model, NX highlights the corresponding option in the Draft dialog box.

In the resource bar, select web browser, select draft, then hit the F1 key and select the Visual Assistant Help Icon.

When you select one of the red asterisks from the Draft dialog, the Visual Assistant window will hint to areas for that particular feature function.

  1. Scenario Thumbnails – Displays thumbnails for each scenario. Based on your selected thumbnail, NX displays a sample model in the Viewer and sets the command dialog box for the selected scenario.
  2. Description – Displays a description of the scenario that you select from the Scenario thumbnails.
  3. Action space – Displays the Input and Output options that let you change the view in the viewer. You can switch between a view that displays the object and parameters that are inputs for the command and a view that displays the features that are created by the specified inputs.
    • NX displays additional options, such as Section or Region, if the sample model requires an additional view to display the information more precisely.
  4. Viewer – Displays the sample model for the selected scenario. When you select an option in the dialog box, NX highlights the corresponding input object or parameter in the viewer to give you an idea about the object or parameter that you must specify to create your model.
    • You can also select a dimension or object in the viewer and NX highlights the corresponding option in the command dialog box.
    • You can also zoom, pan, and rotate the sample model in the viewer.



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