Sheet Metal in NX

Sheet Metal in NX

Material properties and manufacturing processes can be difficult to create and manage due to complex sheet metal components. This inevitably results in avoidable errors and endless rework. The sheet metal design tools within NX enables interaction directly with the model on the screen and provides built-in design intent tailored specifically to the design of the sheet metal parts. With its ability to represent both the formed component and flattened blank shapes, NX Sheet Metal Design aids in the entire manufacturing process.

In this 62-minute webinar Application Engineer David Chiu presents the basics of sheet metal design with NX and demonstrates advanced techniques and tools that speed up design time and allow for more complex features.

Topics covered:

  1. Sheet Metal Overview
  2. Standard Sheet Metal Demo
  3. Associativity Between Forming and Sheet Metal Demo
  4. Advanced Flange Demo
  5. Formability Analysis Demo
  6. Flattening and Forming Demo
  7. Sheet Metal Enhancements
  8. Q&A
  9. Next Up in NX

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