Teamcenter Email Notifications

April 3, 2020


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Teamcenter Email Notifications

Teamcenter has the capability to send out email notifications when workflows have started, completed or progressed to a next step. DBA users will need to configure or add certain Teamcenter preferences to gain this functionality. Beginning with Teamcenter 11.6 and 12.x, new preferences have been added to TEM (The Environment Manager) to allow for email server authentication and the generation of a an encrypted password file to use with the authentication.

Top level overview of the required configuration steps:

  • Users need to have an email address associated with their Person Profile
  • Teamcenter email preferences configured
  • Handlers configured in Workflows

User’s Person Profile –

Ensure that under the User’s Person Profile that their email address has been defined. This is done by the user with DBA access to Teamcenter. If you need to add the email address be sure to click at the bottom of the screen to save the changes.


Teamcenter Email Preferences –

Still using a DBA account, go to the top menu bar in My Teamcenter and select Edit –> Options, and search for mail_* in the Preferences List.

If you are running 11.6 and above or 12.x, these Mail preferences will appear in your list.

The preferences with you can edit here in the Teamcenter Rich Client.

The preferences with can be added in TEM easier than here but does require some system downtown. However, it does create the password encrypted file for the email authentication password automatically.

Mail_OSMail_activated: Set the value to TRUE

Mail_OS_from_address: This value is optional, if you want to designate a “From” address for the notification emails.

Mail_server_name: enter the name or URL of the email server to be used by Teamcenter to send out emails.

Mail_server_port: Set your mail server port – the default is 25.

For the remainder of the email preferences, they can be set by running TEM on the Teamcenter Server.

Note: This will involve system downtown, please review any backup procedures and server procedures for taking Teamcenter offline while the changes are made.

Run TEM as Administrator and click Next until you get to the Feature Maintenance dialog. Select Modify setting and click Next.

Enter the Teamcenter Admin User credentials.

In the Foundation Settings dialog, click on the Advanced button.

Select the Email Server Setting tab and enter the following information:

Host, Port (if you have already defined these in the Rich Client the values will be shown here) Character set, Connection Security, and SSL Protocol.

Below these settings, if the server require Authentication click in the box and add the Email User ID and Password.

When done, click Next until you reach the end of the steps and Start the deployment. These setting will be written into Teamcenter and will be available the next time you run the RAC. Also, the password will be encrypted into a file on the Teamcenter server.


Workflow Handlers –

Next, you need to ensure that your Workflow has been configured with the correct Handlers to be able to send notifications out of Teamcenter. For further information on Workflow Handlers please refer to the Teamcenter Workflow Designer guide (match your TC version number to the documentation).

Again as DBA, in the Workflow Designer prospective, load one of your Process Templates and go into Edit Mode. Select the process step you wish to modify the Handler.

In the example here, I chose the Development Release workflow and I have modified the Handler in the perform-signoffs step. In the Start folder I added the Action Handler EPM-notify with the arguments and values shown.

The main Argument and Value that triggers the email notification is

  • recipient            User: user1 $PROCESS_OWNER

This will send an email specifically to user1 and also send an email to the user that initiated the Workflow process, and now every time a 30 – Development workflow process is started emails will be sent out.

Save and bring the Process Template back online.

Note: For a list of all the Arguments and Values, refer to the Teamcenter Workflow Designer guide.

When you go through the workflow process, you will see a notification email sent out at each set you set.

Enjoy the Teamcenter Email Notifications!

Post by Sam Estrada

Hello, my name is Sam and I am an Application Engineer with expertise in Solid Edge and Teamcenter here at Swoosh Technologies. My goal is to help people utilize digital design and data management programs to create more efficient, time, and cost-saving processes for others.

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  1. Is there a possibility to send continuous emails (everyday at a specific hour) until the user signs the process? Kind of nudging email? Not one time reminder. As there are many times the person after getting one email reminder, forgets to sign and the process remains at his hand.

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