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March 27, 2020


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There are actually a few ways to make gears in NX. The traditional method would be to build expressions, construct curves, sketches, associate those expressions to your features and eventually have a model.


Another method would be NX Graphics Interactive Program (GRIP). GRIP allows you to automate some operations in NX. In some cases, it can perform advanced, customized operations in a more efficient manner than using interactive NX. GRIP uses a vocabulary of English-like words, which makes it similar in many ways to interpretive BASIC or FORTRAN.

Here’s a link if your going to dive into the programming and set up GRIP files for yourself: https://docs.plm.automation.siemens.com/tdoc/nx/1899/nx_help/#uid:xid918127

There are also a few GRIP files that can be found on the internet, the following grip file has been around for many years and still works. Give it a try, it may check all the boxes for your design.

If you do decide to give this file “Gear.zip” a try, the method to create gear is pretty simple. Using 7-Zip to unzip the file, place the folder in a location that your able to access, start NX, create a new file and then Select File -> Execute -> GRIP, in the Gear GRIP folder select “gear.grx”.

My final suggestion would be, speak to one our Sales associates about licensing for GC toolkit – product NX30624

This product was developed only for use in China, mostly because it was developed at a Chinese university.

Once you have a license file you, now have the keys to the gear kingdom and there will be a few steps to go through in order to have access to GC features in your users ribbon bar.

Steps to set GC toolkit within the ribbon bar:

1.) Open your NX version to configure GC toolkit.

2.) Now use Windows search tool, type environment variables, select Advanced TAB, and Environment Variables button. within system variables interface  edit, UGII_LANG from “English”  to “simpl_Chinese”.  CLOSE NX!

3.) Reopen NX, create a new model file, review the ribbon bar gear, springs and other features are now revealed.

4.) With NX still open, use Windows search again for Environment Variables, select the Environment Variables tab.

5.) Within system variables User Interface edit, in the system variables section edit, UGII_LANG from “simpl_chinese” back to “English”, and add into User variables UGII_COUNTRY = prc. Then close environment variables, and system properties

6.) File close NX, and center button to not save.

7.) Reopen NX and start a METRIC Model, gear, springs and other features are now revealed in ENGLISH.

Configure ribbon bar to remove GC items not needed, by selecting the down arrow on the bottom right of ribbon bar and select checks.

There is also a Gear PDF in the follow root location of NX: Siemens\NX 12.0\LOCALIZATION\prc\documents

Last tip – to remove setting for GC toolkit in users ribbon bar, open environment variables rename or delete user variable.


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