How to Install an Emergency NX License Server

How to Install an Emergency NX License Server

How to Install an Emergency NX License Server

So you’re being asked to work from home or a different environment other than the office. And now, you’re scrambling to make sure you’re able to get into all the software (NX, in this case) and systems that allow you to work efficiently.

We feel your frustration, and we want to help lessen the stress.

An emergency NX License server can help you get you up and running. We can help you obtain the following:

  • NX License Server Installation Media for your version of NX, or higher.
    • For NX1899, the installer is named:
  • NX “emergency” license file from Siemens Digital Industries Software (formerly Siemens PLM).
    • Emergency licenses are not tied to any host ID and the following line:
      SERVER YourHostname ANY 28000

Keep in mind, though, that the license server is good for up to 7 days and is meant for emergencies.

How can I request an emergency NX License Server?

To request an emergency license, you can contact our tech support team:

We will work with Siemens to generate request and provide you with what is needed to get going.

What steps do I take after approval?

You have the emergency NX License now, but where do you start? In the how-to guide, we take you step by step to ensure proper installation. If NX is not running correctly after going through the procedure, please do not hesitate to contact our support team for assistance!

A few things to verify before installation.

After receiving the license file, open the file in a text editor and inspect the SERVER line. You will need to edit the hostname entry to include your computer name.

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