What the H*ck is Synchronous Modeling?

Synchronous Modeling



Synchronous Technology lets designers, engineering simulation analysts, and CAM users make dramatic edits directly on the design geometry without having to know downstream processes. This allows for extensive redesigns in just a couple minutes using simple push and pull editing tools.

In this 29-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer Reese Shearer answers the question “What the H*ck is Synchronous Modeling” by making edits to an imported file using synchronous modeling tools and looks at new updates to the tools including radiate face.

Topics covered:

  1. What is Synchronous Modeling?
  2. What’s New
  3. Help Documents
  4. Angular Dimensioning
  5. Move Face
  6. Pull Face
  7. Pattern Face
  8. Resize Blend
  9. New Radiate Face Update

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