5-Axis Chamfer Milling Technique

5-Axis Chamfer Milling Technique

The requirement is to mill a chamfer (.01 x 45 degrees) around the cutout that needs to be done with a 5-Axis operation.

There are a few methods to do this but the most visual and understandable way that I have found Is through the construction of some extra surfaces.

1.) Model the chamfer on the edge. This is the part with a small .01 chamfer around the cavity. (see next image)

2.) Offset the outer face down some amount that is greater than the chamfer. In my case I used .02 (see next image; clipped view)

3.) Then in Manufacturing, I created Variable Contour operation.

a.) The “Part” to select is the offset surface.

b.) The “Drive Method” is “Curve/Point” and select the inner edges of the offset surface.

c.) Tool Axis “Normal to part”

Get ‘er done!

Move the associated offset and extended sheet to a construction layer and turn the layer invisible.


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