Getting Started with Model Based Definition

Getting Started with Model Based Definition


Model Based Definition (MBD) is transforming manufacturing by providing a single source of dimensional and tolerance information. Industry leaders are already utilizing the practice to ensure data consistency throughout the product lifecycle.

In this 26-minute webinar, Application Engineer Reese Shearer tours the PMI interface in NX, new improvements to the tool, and how it’s used to enable Model Based Definition Practices.

Topics covered:

  1. PMI Tables
  2. PMI Bolt Circle Centerline
  3. Convert to PMI
  4. Enhancements to PMI
  5. NX Technical Data Package
  6. Q&A

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Post by Reese Shearer

With over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience in the automotive industry with various rules as instructor, mentor and also providing IT support, I consistently strive to work effectively with others and continually exceeded expectations.

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