Solid Edge 2020 Floating License Upgrade – What You Need to Know

Solid Edge 2020 Floating License Upgrade:

This guide is for users that want to upgrade to Solid Edge 2020 and have a FL (Floating License).

Also, please note that this guide is intended for US customers only. If you reside outside the USA, please contact GTAC using your local contact number.

  • If you have a Solid Edge License Server – you have a FL
  • If you have a Solid Edge Security USB Dongle connected to your license server or your workstation – you have FL
  • If your license file has a following line on the top portion – you have a FL


The new Solid Edge 2020 license files are now part of the Siemens PLM Common Licensing Toolkit (CLT) and UGSLMD license daemon. Solid Edge 2020 licenses (Server Managed/Floating or Standalone/Node-Locked) are NOT backward compatible with Solid Edge 2019 and earlier releases.

Users will need to obtain a Composite ID (a unique number based on several system parameters, including (but not limited to) MAC address, hostname, disk serial number, and operating system) and will be used to identify your specific machine and or server as the only system which can use or validate a particular license file.

  • The Composite ID of your machine and or server can be obtained by running the “getcid.exe”, which is available here: Get CID
  • Copy and or locate the “getcid.exe” on the machine that will be your license server (running FLEXnet) and run the executable by double-clicking it. This will display the hostname and Composite ID, as shown in the example below:

  • The Composite ID you need to note/copy is the one associated to the Ethernet (wired) network connection, and not the Wireless (Wifi) connection.
  • After obtaining your Composite ID and the host name, send the screenshot to with the following information:
    • Subject – Solid Edge 2020 FL CID Upgrade
    • Include in the body
      • Company Name
      • Sold To ID #
      • Contact information
    • Support will review your information and contact you with further instructions.

Once Swoosh Support has generated your new Solid Edge 2020 license file, you will be emailed a new copy and users are ready to complete the installation on the License Server

  • Uninstall and remove the current Solid Edge License Manager
  • Download the new SPLM License Server software from this location: License Server
  • Unzip and stage in in your downloaded software location
  • Run the installation wizard and on the License File Path set it to the newly downloaded SELicense file you obtained from Swoosh Support

  • Once complete, users can install Solid Edge 2020 on the workstation computers. If needed the software can be downloaded here – Solid Edge 2020
  • When the Solid Edge 2020 install wizard prompts you for the install location, further down on the dialog box, point to the newly downloaded SELicense file you obtained from Swoosh Support.

  • Once complete, launch Solid Edge 2020


Further Reference Documents (may require a Webkey Login)

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