How to Upgrade an Existing NX License Server – NX 1872

Upgrade an Existing NX License Server

In order to upgrade the NX license server, you must have the following:

  • NX 1872 installation media for the proper operating system, OR
  • The Siemens PLM License Server installation program. For NX 1872, the license server installer is 1.2_win64_setup.exe.
  • NX 1872 license file with the correct server information (hostname and Composite ID).
  • Java Runtime Environment 1.7 or higher should be installed.

Follow the outline below to upgrade NX licensing on your server:

1.  Open the license file in a text editor and inspect the SERVER line.

Be sure that it contains the correct server name and composite ID number for the server machine where you intend to install the NX license.

SERVER YourHostname COMPOSITE=YourCompositeID 28000

2. To use the NX installation media to install the license on the server, run exe in the kit.

Click Install License Manager.

NX 1872 update

(You can double-check the Composite ID of the server by clicking the button, Get Composite ID.)

3. Alternatively, to use the Siemens PLM License Server installer, run SPLMLicenseServer_v9.1.2_win64_setup.exe.
4. Choose a language and click OK.
select language
5. At the Introduction page, click Next.
license setup
6. After that, the installer will detect that an existing license server is installed.

Choose Upgrade and click Next.

7. Select the folder where you want to install the license server.

You can use the folder for the existing server if you like.

8. For the new license file, click the Choose button and browse to the new license file that was obtained from Siemens.

Then click Next. Note that the license file will be copied into the install folder and renamed, “splm9.lic”.

9. The installer will present a summary of the inputs.

Click Install to begin the upgrade.

10. Finally, click Finish to close the installer.

Verifying the license server upgrade

To verify that the license server is running properly, inspect the log file for errors. The log file is located in the install folder.


Two common errors are:

  • Invalid Host Name
  • Invalid Composite ID

If either of these errors occur, go back and check the server information as mentioned above in Step 1.  If the error is a result of incorrect hostname in the license file, edit the hostname in the license file and restart the license service.


Other errors cannot be fixed by manually editing the license file.  For assistance with other errors, contact a Swoosh Technologies representative.

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