New Method in the Hole Chamfer Milling Operation

Hole Chamfer Milling Using An Offset

A new method has been added to the Hole Chamfer Milling operation for NX 11. You can now control the depth of the tool by offsetting the specified Drive Point. In this article, I will discuss how easily this can be accomplished.

Hole Chamfer Milling

So how does it work Hole Chamfer Milling work? It’s simple. It uses a circular pattern to create holes.

depth of chamfer

To accomplish this, you must use the Chamfer Mill operation and display tool. When in this, the system will display the 5 tracking points for the tool. You should select the three on the right side of the image for this operation.

5 tracking points for the tool
main dialog

In the main dialog, you can see the new options for specifying the location of the tool relative to chamfer on the part. These options are Drive Point, Chamfer Reference, and Depth Offset.

tracking tool

The tracking point that you need to use is the Drive Point.

chamber reference diameter

You can see that the Chamfer Reference diameter is either large diameter of the chamfer or the smaller diameter that the Depth Offset is measured from.

chamfer diameter
positive value

Notice that a negative value will move it further out of the hole. A positive value in the Depth Offset will move the tool deeper into the hole as shown in the image below.

positive offset

This concludes how to use the new method added to the Hole Chamfer operation for NX 11.

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Post by Al Kraus

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