Customize Your Drawing Template in NX

Customize Your Drawing Template in NX

Don’t use the default! Learn how to create a custom drawing template for your designs. No two companies look alike and neither should your drawing templates. In this 32-minute webinar, Application Engineer Reese Shearer covers how to predefine the look and format of your sheets to be consistent and save time. Then he shows how to set template attributes so you can automatically update data from your design as it’s edited. Final he covers how to define the cells in your title block and drop in your company logo to make your template as unique as you!

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Topics covered:

  1. Getting Started
  2. Borders and Zones
  3. Editing the Title Block
  4. Creating the Template
  5. Part Attributes
  6. Question & Answer

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Post by Reese Shearer

With over 20 years of mechanical engineering experience in the automotive industry with various rules as instructor, mentor and also providing IT support, I consistently strive to work effectively with others and continually exceeded expectations.

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