NX 1847 Continuous Release & Beyond!

NX 1847 Continuous Release & Beyond!

10, 11, 12… 1847? The newest release of NX ditches the yearly updates and starts the beginning of the continuous release methodology. As we help our customers configure the update, we know there’s a lot of questions about how these periodic downloads will affect your process. In this 63-minute webinar replay, Application Engineer David Chiu covers the benefits of this new release method and how to deploy it at your company without interfering with your ongoing projects. He looks at what settings and configurations you should check before deploying the new update and what those little colorful circles mean.

He also shows off a couple of the best new features available in NX 1847 and what to expect from future updates.

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Topics covered:

  1. Deployment Steps
  2. NX Release Roadmap
  3. Release Update Model
  4. Upgrading Settings and Configurations
  5. Upgrading Workflow
  6. What’s New in NX 1847 for CAD
  7. Q&A

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