CAM Foundation

CAM Foundation

CAM Foundation gives your shop floor access the essential manufacturing tools for a fraction of a full-blown NX seat. Whether you have NX CAM or an alternate solution, a license of CAM Foundation lets you view CAM files, review changes, make inspection sheets, and save views for set-up—all the capabilities needed for efficient NC programming. Translate data, heal model geometry, and build posts.

In this 27-minute webinar Application Engineer Al Kraus demonstrates many of the capabilities available to NX CAM Foundation users. He follows steps that an operator might perform while preparing to machine a part.

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Topics covered:

  1. Features Included
  2. Ribbon Bar
  3. Measure
  4. Toolpath Verification
  5. Adding Events
  6. Editing Feed Rate
  7. Post Processing
  8. Linked Body
  9. Deleting Faces

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