Design for Manufacturability

April 26, 2019


NX CAD, Rewind


Design for Manufacturability

In this 38-minute webinar, Application Engineer David Chiu covers Design for Manufacturability software in NX which automatically checks for design flaws that are expensive, difficult, or impossible to manufacture so you can avoid expensive and time-consuming rework.

Design for Manufacturability software also suggests how to correct the problem once it is identified. Use it to validate molds and dies, assemblies, sheet metal, and milled parts.

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Topics covered:

  1. Design Validation with Check-Mate
  2. Check-Mate Demo
  3. DFM Pro Design Check Examples
  4. DFM Pro Mold Demo
  5. DFM Pro Milled Part Demo
  6. DFM Pro Cost Savings
  7. Q&A

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