How to Drill a Deep Hole from Both Ends in NX CAM

How to Drill a Deep Hole from Both Ends in NX CAM

While there is no wrong answer, they may be a more efficient answer for drilling a deep hole in NX CAM.  In this article, you will look at the process that is about as efficient as is possible.

Background on this part: Pilot holes have already been drilled on each side using the same method as will be described here.  Then the first side of the deep drilled holes (two of them) was been performed.  The depth of these holes have been set to slightly more than the ½ way point of the plate.

Holes drilled from one side

If you edit the first drill operation, it looks like this.

Note the locations of the drill coordinate system.

Use MB3 (right mouse) on the DRILL operation and “COPY” then MB3 on the DRILL again and “Paste”.

Edit the DRILL_COPY operation by double-clicking on it.

Select the “Specify Feature Geometry” icon.

If you look at the location of the Drill CSYS in this copied operation, it has moved.  Since the material has already been removed ½ way through the plate, the CSYS is now located on the end of the material that remains.

What you will want to do is reverse these coordinate systems so they are on the other end of the hole with the Z-axis reversed.

In the edit operation dialog, in the Feature portion, choose the Reverse Direction icon.

The operation CSYS moves to the opposite end of the holes.

OK in the Feature Geometry dialog.

Generate the operation and OK.

When you verify the operation, you should now see the hole being drilled from opposite side of the part.

The through hole is now complete.

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