Adding the NX CAM “Find” Widget to Your Operation Dialogs

Add the NX CAM “Find” Widget to Your Manufacturing Operation Dialogs

If you are relatively new to manufacturing, it can be a challenge to find specific options in each of the operation’s dialogs.

While this option is not as robust as the command finder, the command finder does not offer any results for the commands in an operation dialog.  Here is an example looking for where the “Manual Tool Change” option using the command finder.

The “manual tool change” is not one of the found options.

From inside the operation, if you have enabled the Find option, it will show you the path to the matching command(s)

The “manual tool change” is found under Tool → Tool Change Settings.

Enabling this Find capability, is done by adjusting the customer defaults file in the manufacturing settings.

File → Utilities → Customer Defaults → Manufacturing → User Interface → Dialog Boxes tab.

After enabling this option and choosing OK, the system presents an information message telling you that the change will take effect the next time you start NX.

Operation Dialog (Before)
Operation Dialog (After enabling and restarting NX)

After you become more comfortable with the manufacturing options, you can disable the find option once again to shorten up the dialogs.

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