Identifying a Tool and Holder in NX CAM

Identifying a Tool and Holder in NX CAM

Have you created a new operation only to realize that you don’t know the tool number to select from the current step?

If you have given your tools a logical name, you can still determine which tool you want to use by viewing the list.  If not, you need to have a good memory or use a workaround to find out some information about the tool.  In the example below, the tools only have a tool number.  You can’t tell the tool’s size or even what type of tool it is. (Face mill, end mill, ball nose or other type of tool)

NX Manufacturing Resource Library

In NX 11, you can use a new “Browse” option in the tool listing (shown above).  Just use the drop down list, scroll to the bottom of the tool list and select Browse…

NX CAM Browsing

For this example, I am going to select the category “END_MILL_NON_INDEXABLE”.  The dialog will update to display the matching tools.  Select a tool to see the details and a Preview if desired.

NX CAM Tool and Holder

Choosing OK will select the high tool for the new operation.

If you are editing an Operation, the Tool portion of the dialog also has this new Browse option when you need to change tools.  An example would be if you copied roughing operation that you are changing to a semi-finish operation where need a smaller tool.

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