Simple Method for Using Existing CAM Operations

Simple Method for Using Existing CAM Operations:

Why? You may have created an NC program that is made of the same material, similar in shape, to be ran on the same MC. When this is not a template, you can still get the benefit of the process used. This will greatly reduce your programming time, create consistency for the shop, and consists of proven cut methods (feed and speed).

There are several ways that you take advantage of existing NC programs from making a copy of the program, using it as CAM template, importing the program into your new part. There is a simple method for using the operations from an existing NC program when all you want are the operations.

Original Program: This could be a proven program or the first setup of a program.


New Program: This could be similar part or have some of the same features.

How to take advantage of another NC program.

  • After you’ve created your new NC program you can get the operations from another program by going to create an operation.
  • Select Browse
  • Select the Program that you want to use
  • Not only do you get the Operations used to create the program but you also get to see the process used
CAM operations

Create Operation:

Select NC Program:

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