Creating a Cloned Assembly

This is a procedure for Cloning an assembly in NX.

Start by creating a folder/directory named cloned

Open the NX file you wish to clone.

From the Assemblies pull down menu. Select Cloning (Make sure assemblies are active, if Assemblies are not active Cloning option is not visible.) Select Create Clone Assembly.

This dialog will appear:

clone assembly dialog

On the main tab:

Select Add Assembly, select your file that you wish to clone. (This may take awhile to load, it is reloading your file and all of its references).

Now go to the Naming Tab

naming tab dialog

Select the Define Naming Rule option: This dialog appears

define naming rule

Select the Add Suffix option.

In the Add/Replace/Rename String: Box inter an underscore _

Select OK

In the Default Output Directory: Browse to the folder/directory you created in Step 1 of this procedure.

Check the Dry run, a window will pop up with all the files that are referenced in your file.

Then select the Execute button, this will create your cloned assembly in the directory/folder you created.

Create a zip file containing all the files in the cloned folder.

Email the file to Swoosh Technologies

You are now finished.

Post by Brian Brown

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