Halloween fun with Solid Edge ST7 and KeyShot

Halloween Fun with Solid Edge ST7

In celebration of Halloween, I thought a Jack-O-Lantern would be fun to replicate in Solid Edge ST7 and to compliment the design, a cool render from Keyshot.

The first phase of my pumpkin creation resided around the creation of easily synchronous sketched curves to dictate the size of the pumpkin. Synchronous made this step easy using the steering wheel and patterning to replicate and modify the sketches.

Next I used Blue Surfing to bring the edges together and inserted sketches along the way – eventually resulting in a solid body shown in the image below. Watch the video below this creation in real time.

Once I had a solid body, which made up the Jack-O-Lantern body, the following parts were very easy to create. Using a part and doing a Multi Body design made it easy to create the top for the lantern.

After all the parts were designed and published to an assembly, all the rendering fun starts in KeyShot! After having sent the Solid Edge model to Keyshot, spending a few minutes of adding lights, an iron bumpmap, and adjusting a few artistic settings such as view focus and setting vignette strength, its time for a render.

Close up of Iron bumpmap on SE color vs standard SE color alone.

Have some fun and share your Halloween designs in a comment below. Happy rendering!


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