Add a Custom Command for Header Lines for Post Processing in NX 9 CAM

Add a Custom Command for Header Lines for Post Processing in NX 9 CAM

Follow these simple steps to create a Custom Command in NX CAM to add to a post processor for header lines to be output from a post processor:

Start Postbuilder.

Select the custom command tab.

Select the Create option.

Right mouse button on the new custom command and rename it. To PB_CMD_header line.

Highlight everything in the right window, as displayed below.

Once everything is highlighted, select the delete key.

Select the lines below:

proc PB_CMD_header_line { } {
#This Custom Command will output the header information

#this will output information associated with a program

global mom_oper_program
global mom_part_name
global mom_date
global mom_logname

MOM_output_literal “(PROGRAM NUMBER: $mom_oper_program)”
MOM_output_literal “(PART NAME : $mom_part_name)”
MOM_output_literal “(POSTED DATE : $mom_date)”
MOM_output_literal “(PROGRAMMED BY : $mom_logname)”}

Copy the lines selected above and paste them into the right side of the dialog box. It should appear like this:

Select the Program Tab.

Select the Program Start Sequence.

Select the name of the custom command you just created. In this case it should be the  PB_CMD_header line.

Select the Add block option.

Drag the command after the rewind stop code.

This will add the header lines to the beginning of the CNC program

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