Using Existing NX CAM Files as Templates

Using Existing NX CAM Files as Templates

Templates in NX CAM are utilized to save programming time and the possibility of errors. When utilizing templates, the programmed tool, speeds, feeds, non-cutting moves, cutting parameters, and cut patterns should be consistent.

Templates can also be utilized to consistently process your machined parts in very similar sequences.
If applied properly the programmer should only need to re-select the geometry intended to program.

Any NX CAM file can be utilized at any time as a template. The following steps show just how easy using existing files as templates is:

When creating an operation select the browse option:


Locate to the file you wish to utilize as your template file. Select the file and select the OK button.

The operations that you have created in your selected file appears as your available operations.

Note: In the example shown, Only 3 operations exist

For best results attach the template to the geometry level in your operation navigator.

Note: Parts can be used as Templates pulling versions forward, but not backwards. (NX7.5 file can be a template in NX9.0, but NX9.0 files cannot be used as a template in NX7.5)

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