Creating a Reuse Library in NX 8.5

Creating a Reuse Library in NX 8.5

NX Reuse Libraries aid in assembly with jigs and fixtures by simply dragging the files into the manufacturing setup files. Sample Reuse Library files can be downloaded from Siemens PLM; however, a webkey is necessary.

Follow these steps to setup a reuse library and create a reuse folder on your computer:

Start NX. This example uses NX 8.5.

Edit your customer defaults by navigating to File > Utilities > Customer Defaults.

A reuse library can be set up at the site level or the users level.

NX Reuse Library

Next, map your new Reuse Library location. In the native NX area dialog box, add the path highlighted below.

NOTE: You may enter any path you wish after the | symbol.

Reuse Examples|$UGII_BASE_DIR/nxparts/Reuse Library/Reuse Examples
Reuse Examples|C:UsersbrianDesktopNX85_ReuseCAM_Reuse_Library_Samples

Select OK to save your defaults.

Exit NX.

Restart NX.

Your new Reuse Library should be now be displayed.

You are ready to create a model in your Reuse Library!

The model you create must reference the column heading in Excel.

Create a new file. Prior to creating any geometry, set up expressions for the column heading. Then create geometry referencing those expressions.

Save your file.

Enter the Reuse Library to view the model.

Learn more about NX Reuse Library and the Manufacturing Resource Library (MRL) through training with Swoosh Technologies. Register for a class or request a customized class.

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