Creating Macros for Customization in NX

Creating Macros for Customization in NX

The simplest way to customize NX is through the use of macros

A macro records a series of keystrokes in order to automate them into a simple keystroke or an icon on a custom Toolbar. Any series of keystroke a NX operator does repeatedly should be considered for a macro in order to speed up the process.

 Follow these steps to create a macro:

  1. Select the tools drop down menu
  2. Select macro
  3. Select start record

Note: Macros have to be updated between releases.

Macros can be setup for user interaction also and can be paused to give the user instructions. Macros can be setup with user entry boxes or file selection dialog boxes.

Watch the video below to view a macro I created to change the color to green and my translucency to 75%. The video shows how I created the macro and un-did the macro’s result. The video also shows the playback of the macro created for testing.

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