Have a Draft and missing your original model? No problem with Solid Edge!

Have a Draft and missing your original model? No problem with Solid Edge!

In Solid Edge, the draft file does not need the original model it was based off in order to open and display its information and views. So if you ever find yourself in the position where you have lost your model and all you have left is your draft, not all is lost! You can still use that information to regenerate your 3D model.

Prepping your orphan draft file
When opening the draft file disregard the dialog box about it not being able to find the model.


The off color center line surrounding all the views, is just a visual indicator that the model is missing and nothing will happen if you update the views. You can still add and remove dimensions from each of the views.

All of the information that makes up the view is still there, but you will not be able to select any lines or circles. Think of it as a ghost image. If you try to use the Create 3D command now you will only recognize the dimensions on the draft. You first need to save the draft file as a *DWG and reopen it inside Solid Edge.

Create your 3D model
With the DWG loaded, clean up the views by removing any extra hidden and center lines, crosshatching, section view text, and border items that might get in the way of the Create 3D command. You can double views to activate the block (if present) and do your deleting there, and afterwards, you will need to “Unblock” the views. (Again if present, performing this step will allow you to select the individual lines.)

Run the Create 3D command, select your *.par template, set your views, and the PAR file will be loaded. You may need line up your sketches to make it easier to create your model, but once there just use your steering wheel to re-create your part.

Watch the video below for more details!

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