Customize Radial Menus in NX 9

Customize Radial Menus in NX 9

Radial menus in NX are small icons that appear surrounding your cursor location; each icon can be customized to your most used features. These menus allow you to quickly and easily access features with a click and swish of your mouse. Follow the instructions below to get started customizing your NX experiences:

To access this menu in NX 9, open NX and right click on some empty space on the toolbar and click Customize.

Scroll to the bottom of the list and locate options for radial menus 1 to 3. In order to customize each menu click the box to the left of the heading.

With the first menu up while in customize mode, drag your most used features from the main menu bar into one of the eight spaces available in the radial menu. The horizontal and vertical positions on the radial menus are the easiest to access; therefore I suggest placing your most frequently used functions here.

All three radial menus can be customized using this method. I use each menu for a different set of tools (e.g. 1. Basic modeling, 2. Sketching 3. Synchronous tools).

In order to utilize the menus the 1st (left click), 2nd(Middle wheel click) and 3rd (right mouse click) must be completed while holding down Control and Shift. To make this process easier, I assign Ctrl and Shift to a function key making it very easy to instantly access any function.

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