How to Modify your Post Processor for On Machine Probing in NX 9

How to Modify your Post Processor for On Machine Probing in NX 9

What is On Machine Probing?

On machine probing is a measurement technique used on machine tools to use while your part is still in process on the machine.

The machine uses a 2D or 3D probe similar to those found on some CMM’s. The end of the probe sensor that comes into contact with the part is made of hard non-marring material for metals such as a ruby.

The probe contacts the part and records the machine position when the probe sensor is triggered.  Probe positions are recorded on the controller, and the probe point positions may be processed directly after the points are taken or later to obtain meaningful data from the points.  The meaningful data can then be relayed to the operator, quality system, or back for adaptive part processing. Machine tool probes may be obtained through Renishaw or other manufacturers.

Why should you use it?

  • Prevents the use of additional CMM’s
  • Increases machine tool accuracy
  • Ability to buy off part while still fixtured in the machine
  • Easily obtain spc data
  • Reduce Gage tooling cost
  • Faster than traditional measurement and reduces human error

What is required in NX to use it?

  • Renishaw Probing hardware installed on machine
  • Renishaw Inspection Plus Macros
  • NX CAM MACH package 9.0 or higher
  • Supported post
  • NX CAM on machine probing is supported for both Fanuc and Siemens Sinumerik controllers

View the video below to discover how to modify a post for on machine probing in NX.

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