3 Steps to Getting Started with Solid Edge

3 Steps to Getting Started with Solid Edge

Getting started using Solid Edge is as easy as 1,2,3. Follow these steps laid out below and you will be enjoying 3D modeling in no time.

Once the order for Solid Edge is placed it will take a couple days before you’ll be entered into the Siemens PLM database. The person who placed the order, is the person who will typically be receiving an email from Siemens PLM with the Floating or Node locked license file which will come named Selicense.dat

1. The first and most important thing to do is visit the Siemens GTAC web site to create a WebKey account. This WebKey account allows you to download Maintenance packs, current license files, and other important things.


Once you click the Webkey Management link you will select the prompt to create a new account. Once you start the process of creating an account your Sold To ID and you Web access code will be needed. To get this you can simply need to open your Selicense.dat file with a text editor and you will see (Image Below) your respective Sold To / WebKey numbers.

NOTE: the underlined text below will say (This Host) for those that requested Floating Licenses. In this space you will type the computer name you will run the FLexLM license manager on. For more information on installing license files click here.

Once your Webkey is created you will now be able to now log in and download license files and most importantly Maintenance packs as seen below. Download the newest maintenance pack for your version since they are cumulative.

2. Now that you have everything in place including your Solid Edge program disk (or a downloaded version), your license file, and the current Maintenance pack it’s time to start installing!

Once the install process starts take note of an often-missed step:  be sure to set your appropriate template format (See above). It’s easy to change after the install but even easier to change during install. Once the license portion comes up just skip this step; we can take care of this after the install.

3. Okay, now on to step three, licensing. If you ordered a floating license file you should load the License Manager from the install disk (image below). Install the manager on the Computer you will be checking out license files from. This is usually a networked computer, but it can also be loaded on the same computer running Solid Edge.

If you have requested a node locked license you will have to provide Siemens PLM with the CID composite ID number of every computer you will require a license for. You can download a utility from the Siemens GTAC website  under License Management. Download and run the CID number generator to get your 12-digit code for the CID based license. Once your license is acquired, copy it to the location you installed Solid Edge. If you choose the defaults you will place it as shown below in the preferences folder. You will then be prompted that the file exists. Select Copy/Move and Replace.

Congratulations! You have now done everything to get Solid Edge running. If your new to Solid Edge follow this link to go through the Siemens PLM Solid Edge Learning Portal. Here you can download and use the training media to help you learn Solid Edge.

Some other links that you will find helpful are located on the Solid Edge splash Screen when you first start up Solid Edge as shown below.

We also provide Solid Edge training at Swoosh Technologies. Click to find a class near you! Our training is customized to your company’s unique needs and skills set.

If you have questions feel free to contact us at here.

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