6 Reasons Why Manufacturing Companies Train Their Employees

  1. Training improves employee performance. According to Ferdinand Fournies (author of ‘Why Employees Don’t Do What They’re Supposed To Do’) performance problems occur because employees (1) don’t know what they’re supposed to do, (2) don’t know how to do it, and/or (3) don’t know why they should do it. 
  2. Training enhances company profits. Based on the training investments of 575 companies during a three-year period, researchers found that firms investing the most in training yielded a 36.9 percent total shareholder return as compared with a 25.5 percent weighted return for the S&P 500 index for the same period. That’s a return 45 percent higher than the market average.
  3. Training saves labor. Reducing duplication of effort, time spent on problem solving, and time spent on correcting mistakes.
  4. Training improves a company’s competitive edge. Any company has to recognize that not only is the human capital of their employees a major asset, it is also a depreciating asset that needs continuing investment.” Keeping worker skills up to date keeps a company in the running.
  5. Training saves supervisory and administrative time and costs. The less time a manager has to spend on monitoring and guiding employees, the more time is freed up for more profitable activities.
  6. Training improves employee satisfaction and retention. Companies that fail to train their employees are more than three times as likely to lose them.

Swoosh Technologies Education Services has been delivering training solutions for 9 plus years focusing on Siemens PLM Software: NX (Unigraphics), Solid Edge, and Teamcenter.  Ours is not the broad-based training approach which adds little to process efficiencies.  Rather, we focus on industry process training and address your specific areas for measurable results.  Contact us today and we will explore how our training can help your team improve to a new level of achievement.

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