NX CAM Tips & Tricks: Coolant Thru Custom Command

NX CAM Tips & Tricks: Coolant Thru Custom Command

Follow these steps to create a simple custom command to add to a post processor. This will allow you to utilize the coolant thru switch on the tool description dialog box in NX CAM.

Start Postbuilder.

Select the custom command tab.


Select the Create option.

Right mouse button on the new custom command and rename it. To PB_CMD_coolant_thru.

Highlight everything in the right window, as shown below:


Once every thing is highlight, select the delete key!

Select the lines below:

proc PB_CMD_coolant_thru { } {
global mom_tool_coolant_through
global mom_coolant_status
if { [ info exists mom_tool_coolant_through ]  } {
if { $mom_tool_coolant_through == “Yes” } {
set mom_coolant_status “THRU”

Copy the lines selected above and paste the lines into the right side of the dialog. It should appear as follows:


Select the Program Tab.

Select the Operation Start Sequence.

Under the Initial Move block.

Select add a new block.

Select the coolant thru command you just created from the drop menu.

Your coolant thru on the tool dialog box is now ready to use!

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