KeyShot LiveLinking Plugins for Solid Edge and SolidWorks

KeyShot LiveLinking Plugins for Solid Edge and SolidWorks

Let’s look at the Live Linking and Plugin capabilities of Keyshot. There are multiple ways to bring geometry into Keyshot for incredibly fast, high quality renders including the import function and direct export for plugin-enabled software such as Solid Edge and SolidWorks.

The first time I used Keyshot I excitedly started importing my Solid Edge files but could not get the rounded edges of my parts to not be faceted. After an email and a quick response from the Keyshot support group, it turns out there is a simple solution. All I had to do was download the latest plugin from the KeyShot website here and utilize LiveLinking.

After using the plugin for Solid Edge my images went from this:

To This:

Take a look at the following video demonstrating the LiveLinking and plugin for Solid Edge in action.


Check out the final render using Solid Edge and KeyShot:

By Dylan Malek, Application Engineer, Swoosh Technologies & Solutions

Post by Dylan Malek

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